National Robotics Week 2011: Freescale loves robots!

By Eric Gregori

Originally posted on Freescale’s The Embedded Beat Blog

This week is National Robotics Week (April 9-17). “National Robotics Week is a product of a 2009 effort by leading universities and companies to create a ‘national road-map’ for robotics technology, which was initially unveiled at a May 2009 briefing by academic and industry leaders to the Congressional Caucus on Robotics.”

A week dedicated to everything and anything robotic, National Robotics Week (NRW) recognizes the importance of robotics technology as a pillar of 21st century innovation. Robotics is perhaps unique in its ability to ignite the imagination. This ability to create interest makes robotics the perfect platform for education in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). “During National Robotics Week, a week-long series of events and activities is aimed at increasing public awareness of the growing importance of ‘robo-technology’ and the tremendous social and cultural impact that it will have on the future of the United States.”

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Karen’s blog from Hannover Messe – Day 3

by Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

Day 3 and a quick trip to Zurich – April 6

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My third and final day at the Messe was full with more meetings and encounters with existing and potential partners. I also was there right there after Polytec was awarded the Hannover Messe’s highest award for Microtechnology. You can see a cute pic of Polytec’s Wilfried Bauer and I as shake his hand in congratulations.

Before taking off for the airport, I met up with Fraunhofer IPMS’ Moritz Fleischer and Fraunhofer ENAS’ Martina Vogel who updated me on their many programs, events and activities throughout Europe.

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