Karen’s blog from SEMICON West 2011 – It’s Showtime!

By Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

Without a doubt, this year was the year of MEMS at SEMICON West. MEMS had its best showing EVER at this year’s show, in my humble opinion.

Why? Well since you asked, I’ll tell you. MIG shared a booth with 6 of its member companies: Amerimade Technology, Akrion Systems, Brewer Science, IMT, MEMSCAP and XACTIX. While at first I was worried about the tight fit in the 10×10 spot, it worked out really well. The reality is that when you go to a show like SEMICON West, you honestly don’t want to stay in one booth for more than 20 minutes; you want to roam the floor in search of adventure (or at least new customers/partners/members). So having us all in one spot as a “reference point” really worked out well and I am grateful to SEMI (namely Tom Morrow and Ray Morgan) for making it happen.  Check out our Flickr and YouTube links to see some fun video and pics from the show, the MEMS DemoZone, some parties, and the show floor, featuring a TON of MIG members.

Beyond our merry band of MIG’ers cohabitating in our booth there were many more on the SEMICON West show floor: Applied Materials, Inc.; AEPI, the Grenoble-Isere Economic Development Agency; Bullen Ultrasonics; CEA-Leti; Chipworks; ClassOne Equipment, Inc.; EV Group; Expertech; GLOBALFOUNDRIES; imec; OEM Group; Oxford Instruments; Plan Optik AG; Plasma-Therm; Rite Track; Semefab; Silex Microsystems; SPP Process Technology Systems UK Limited; SUSS MicroTec; TECNISCO; Yield Engineering; and Yole Développement.

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MEMS News Update

MEMS News Update

Karen’s blog from imec Technology Forum – Smart phone 2020

by Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

I’m back in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco to attend SEMICON West another time.What makes this year different? Well for starters I am here with my family for the first time (thank you Ari for being Mr. Mom right now). There seem to be a ton more workshops, forums and yes, cocktail parties this year. But the biggest difference is that MEMS has its biggest presence at SEMICON West…well, um…EVER.

Sure, MEMS has been featured at SEMICON West before. Last year I had the pleasure of moderating a fun panel of MIG members representing the MEMS supply chain. But this year, MEMS is truly a presence at SEMICON West. Thank you, SEMI, for recognizing importance of MEMS in the mainstream.

This blog is from day one of SEMICON West week – July 11, 2011. MIG worked in partnership with imec to sponsor its first imec Technology Forum (ITF) – Smart phone 2020 to be held in the US.  I was really excited to step into the pre-event luncheon and see so many familiar faces. Some were actually surprised to see so many “MEMS folks” – but I knew that much of the afternoon’s forum would incorporate MEMS into the presentations. Imec did a stellar job of putting together an impressive lineup of speakers.

For a full list of the speakers and their bios, I suggest you check out the ITF website and for those eager to read my notes, I’ll post them to the MIG resource library (available to MIG members only). Here are my highlights from the event:

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The Million Dollar 3D Question

Originally posted on 3D InCites, by Francoise von Trapp

With all the latest hubbub about FinFets (or as Intel calls them, TriGate transistors) , there seems to be some confusion in terminology, leading to confusion in who’s doing what first. First and foremost, the technology Intel claims to have pioneered is 3D transistors, also known generically as FinFets. TSMC has also announced that they will move forward with FinFets. What people need to understand here, is while TriGate or FinFets ultimately do create three dimensional structures on a chip, the term “3D Chips” refers to stacked die interconnected using through silicon via (TSV) technology. It’s important to understand the difference, because from production processes, design, and market adoption perspectives, these are two completely different animals.

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