Live from RoboCup 2009 Day 4

This week Richard Allen, Physicist, NIST, will be live blogging from RoboCup 2009 covering the MEMS-scale robot league.

July 3, 2009:

Today we have scheduled the Two Millimeter Dash.

The ETH team performed their required six runs, with times in the 350 ms – 500 ms range.  These times include delay from official start time and delivery of stop signal.  On my camera, I count between 4 and 8 frames per event.  At the rate of 30 frames per second, this works out to 133 ms – 267 ms for the robot to travel this distance.  The range of values is partly due to Dominic changing the operating parameters for the later runs.  Here is one of the runs of the ETH robot.  Watch quickly or you’ll miss it.

The USNA team is still not getting their robots to move.  We will allow them time tomorrow to attempt the Two-Millimeter Dash one additional time.

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