New Best Known Practice Published: MEMS Assembly Process Flow Scenarios

MIG has recently published the second document in its series of Best Known Practices (BKP): MEMS Assembly Process Flow Scenarios authored by Mike Mignardi, Manager, Energy Harvesting, Texas Instruments, and Kevin Chau, Vice President, MEMStaff. The document was reviewed by Tina Lamers, Director of Marketing, Axept, and Alissa Fitzgerald, Managing Member, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ordering the four key process & assembly steps of die singulation, packaging, sacrificial layer removal and testing, Mignardi and Chau write. Instead there are a number of different ways one could successfully order these steps depending on the MEMS device design.

The authors then proceed with a number of alternative scenarios for assembly process flows and insist that these should be carefully considered early on in the MEMS design process, not merely as an afterthought.

MEMS Assembly Process Flow Scenarios is publicly available in its entirety at the Best Known Practices page of the MIG website:

MEMS Industry Group’s Best Known Practices series was started with the intention of fostering best practices while staying away from creating industry standards.  Different approaches and alternative points of view are not only accepted, but are in fact strongly encouraged.

What do you think about this BKP? Does it hit the mark or is it way off? Why not post a comment or even draft your own BKP document? (Authoring a Best Known Practices document is only open to current MIG members.  Those interested should contact

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