Retool your strategic thinking skills with the MEMS Education Series

Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

MEMS is hot – it’s hotter than ever. Market research firms expect the total market for MEMS devices to exceed US $8 billion by 2012. Demand for MEMS devices is rapidly creating new business opportunities for both entrepreneurs and established companies alike. As a diverse industry across numerous markets, MEMS poses unique problems for developing and executing profitable business models.

So, how are you going to get the knowledge needed to compete in this increasingly expanding and growing field?

Here’s an idea: clear your calendar for October 14, 2009. Due to the great success of our July 13, 2009 MEMS Education Series short course — Insider’s Guide to Business Strategy for the MEMS Industry – MIG is holding another session on Wednesday, October 14 at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Silicon Valley.

MIG has compiled years of research, market analysis, publications, survey data, interviews, case studies and lessons learned from the school of hard-knocks to create the MEMS Education Series. The course will be taught by two fantastic instructors, Dr. Jim Knutti and Dr. Alissa Fitzgerald (check out the website for their impressive bios). This is the second time they’ve teamed up to teach a course in MIG’s MEMS Education Series and the reviews have been stellar!

Strategy is the name of the game at this year’s short course. Jim and Alissa will go over MEMS-specific product development, research and development decisions, business models, business and operations implementation, and financial & funding considerations. Plus, they will draw heavily on primary research MIG has compiled in the form of interviews with seasoned MEMS companies. From these interviews they will hash out what has brought companies success in MEMS, how the big players are reinventing themselves during the downturn, as well as key lessons that can be learned from the failures.

Should you attend? You definitely should if you’re a business development professional, marketing manager, or product manager or if you are looking to enter the MEMS industry. This course also makes solid sense for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, venture capitalists, or engineering students just starting out in MEMS or considering entering the industry.

I look forward to seeing you on October 14 at the Insider’s Guide to Business Strategy for the MEMS Industry!

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