IMAPS Device Packaging 2010

Contributed by Paul Werbaneth, Vice President, Marketing & Applications, Tegal Corporation

Day 1, Monday 08 March 2010, Morning

It’s not supposed to rain in Scottsdale, is it?  Or have I come to the wrong place?

Oh well, when life gives you heavy rain, why not make rainbows?

So after checking in at the IMAPS conference hotel (Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino – wish me luck!), I decided to take a rainbow-chasing drive, up from Fort McDowell toward Payson, AZ.  There’s a brilliant neon rainbow in front of me as I go, a rainbow arcing fully from the saguaro forest on my left, across the ashen sky, to the saguaro forest on my right.  It’s like something out of the VW microbus scene from the Ang Lee film “Taking Woodstock.”  Only with a jazz soundtrack (XM radio in the rental car – thank you Avis), not a psychedelic one. (Unless the XM ‘70s Fusion Hour counts – where the heck are my old Mahavishnu Orchestra records, anyway?)

Going higher, I lose the cactus and gain on the snow line, now actively and rapidly descending the already-blanketed mountain peaks.  Quick mental calculation:  summer tires + winter roads = turn back at Deer Creek.  Which I do.  Turn back, and down, into torrential rain and wild thunder and lightning.  (The XM radio doesn’t seem to care; Mr. Syms, by John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, and company, sounds as clear here as the track does on my own beloved copy at home.)

Flash of lightning. Glimpse of desert.  Repeat at random intervals. And then the rain stops, two miles from the hotel. But, anyway, on to the conference.

This year’s IMAPS Device Packaging Conference has a complete track on MEMS, and another complete, parallel, conference track on 3D Packaging Technology.  And there’s Passive Technology too!  It’s going to be tough to choose; I’ll probably end up speaker-by-speaker, paper-by-paper, rather than going session-by-session.  More on that later; today, it’s the IMAPS Global Business Council 2010 Spring Conference.

Quote of the day for me so far is from Brandon Prior’s (Prismark Partners) keynote talk this morning:  “What happened in 2009 was quite a bit of an overreaction.”

That phrase is so versatile I’m going to start using it whenever I can.

From IMAPS Device Packaging 2010, more to come.

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