Online Discussion: MEMS and 3D IC integration: Synergies in the Supply Chain

Originally posted on 3D InCites
Join 3D InCites and MEMS Industry Group for an online panel discussion, to be hosted on 3D InCites from October 18-22. Topic of discussion: MEMS and 3D IC integration: Synergies in the Supply Chain.

Karen Lightman, of MEMS Industry Group and Francoise von Trapp, of 3D InCites will co-moderate this event. Our panel of experts includes Eric Pabo of EV Group, Ken Grenier of Coventor, Magnus Rimskog of Silex Microsystems, and Salah Uddin of Nanoshift, and a yet-to-be-determined panelist from SPP Technology Process Systems (SPTS).


Much of the manufacturing equipment, processes, modeling and simulation tools, and materials being investigated for 3D IC integration technologies were first developed for MEMS fabrication and packaging. This discussion will examine how advancement of MEMS manufacturing processes help further the advancement of 3D IC and vice-versa.  We will look at synergies in the supply chain and discuss how those can be leveraged to provide cost-effective solutions for MEMS IC integration.


Read full article & panel bios


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