Karen’s blog from Hannover Messe – Day 2

by Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

Day 2 – April 5

Read Day 1 | Read Day 3

While on day one I arrived at the Messe via the ICE train from Hamburg (after a GREAT weekend with my relatives; who can trace their heritage in Germany back to the 1400’s). On day two I made the decision to take the U bahn and S bahn system to the fair….which made for a bit of a stressful morning as I had to be onsite in time for my session at 10am. Thankfully I arrived with a few minutes to spare to host the first-ever US MEMS Day at Hannover Messe. I kicked off the ½ day session with “MEMS Market Opportunities and Developments from a US Perspective.” I am indebted to iSuppli and Yole for supplying the market data and some of the analysis that I presented. MIG members can download the presentation on the MIG website and anyone can check out the pictures and tweets that IVAM’s Katrin Theiler posted (thank you Katrin!).

Following my presentation, Acuity’s Jim Knutti presented “Low-pressure MEMS Sensors; the Next Generation of Accuracy, Stability and Performance.” I took a few pictures of Jim’s presentation and again, MIG members can download it on the member-section of our website. After Jim, XACTIX President Dave Springer (who had just arrived via train from Frankfort that morning) gave a charming overview of Highly Selective MEMS Release – A U.S. Perspective.” The session concluded with “Silex Microsystems Inc: A U.S. Perspective” by Silex’s Patrik Melvas’. What I liked about Patrik’s presentation was even though Silex is technically a Swedish company, he talked about what is involved (and lessons learned) in creating a US branch of a EU-based company. He really have an insiders’ perspective of what’s involved from getting a green card to how to work with US lawyers to get the proper documentation in order. For those EU companies interested in broadening their US presence, this information is very beneficial.

Day two of Hannover Messe is one the busiest and I was able to connect to even more MIG colleagues including Jeremie Bouchaud of ISuppli, Fraunhofer IPMS’ Johannes Kahn, Christine Neuy (formerly with IVAM and now with MST BW – Mikrosystemtechnik Baden-Württemberg e.V. ) among several others. The afternoon was also highlighted with a meeting with the Polytec team (new members of MIG- hooray!) including the President, Dr. Pasch.

Of course, for those of you who know me, you won’t be SHOCKED to hear that I also spent a bunch of my time meeting new potential members and partners. I was invited to the French Pavilion (way on the other side of the Messe; I truly wished I’d rented a Segway as I was wearing heels that day) to be the guest of Stéfane Lecoq, Director, Major accounts and project management unit, Invest in France Agency, as he and his colleagues gave a great overview of French industry and business opportunities. After his presentation, I had a few quick minutes to enjoy yet another great glass of French white and some sort of exotic French hors’ de vors that I think are illegal to take into the US via plane (yummy and full of flavor – some sort of fresh pork sausage thing).

Then I hoofed it quickly back to the IVAM lounge, to kickoff and host the MIG US MEMS Day party. Thanks to my colleagues at IVAM, we had a Bavarian Fest – authentic with Francis Kaner Weiss Bier, white sausage (someone help me with the authentic Deusches name), big pretzels, butter, scallions and Senf (mustard). I took a few pics from the event – man that was fun. At the beginning of the party, I quickly introduced myself, my co-exhibitors/MIG members and demanded that everyone give me their business card if I didn’t already know them. Funnily enough, nearly everyone obliged. My American presence must be intimating. 🙂 Or maybe it was the threat that I wouldn’t let them enjoy another glass of bier. But seriously it was a fun event and I think everyone had a good time.

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