Karen’s blog from Hannover Messe – Day 3

by Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

Day 3 and a quick trip to Zurich – April 6

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My third and final day at the Messe was full with more meetings and encounters with existing and potential partners. I also was there right there after Polytec was awarded the Hannover Messe’s highest award for Microtechnology. You can see a cute pic of Polytec’s Wilfried Bauer and I as shake his hand in congratulations.

Before taking off for the airport, I met up with Fraunhofer IPMS’ Moritz Fleischer and Fraunhofer ENAS’ Martina Vogel who updated me on their many programs, events and activities throughout Europe.

Then it was time to visit ACUTRONIC colleagues in Zurich. I had a great dinner with ACUTRONIC CEO, Thomas Jung at the Zurich Hilton and enjoyed the culinary specialties of the region. The next day I toured with ACUTRONICS’s Maurus Tschirky and Corinne Stucki through the “old town” of Zurich – thankfully it was a gorgeous clear and warm day so the Swiss Alps were in view.

After another great meal, Maurus, Thomas and I went to visit ETH and Professor Paolo Ermanni. ETH is expanding its Mechanical Engineering department and is in construction mode and given the impressive overview Paolo gave me, I am not surprised. I look forward to working more with Professor Ermanni and his colleagues at ETH (and not just because the views of the Alps from the ETH faculty lounge was breathtaking!).

I feel totally exhausted after my whirlwind week in Europe, but energized. It’s clear that MEMS is growing its presence and relevance in Europe and therefore, it’s also clear that MIG will expand its engagements, programs and events in Europe. Stay tuned….Plans for MEMS Executive Congress Europa in 2012 are in the works.

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