Karen’s blog from Acutronic Open House – May 21, 2011

By Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

I typically write my blog as I am flying back home to Pittsburgh from various points around the globe including Japan, Germany and (nearly monthly) California. But today’s blog is being written in the comfort of my own office in Pittsburgh. Why, you may ask? Was it because I watched a really good movie on the way home and couldn’t stand the thought of cracking open my laptop to write a blog? Nope.

The reason I am writing this blog in Pittsburgh is because this blog is about the site visit I had to Acutronic – its US manufacturing site right here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  The weather gods smiled upon Dominique Schinabeck (CEO, Acutronic USA) and her impressive team as they hosted a fantastic open house, celebrating their 20 years in Pittsburgh and their new digs, on Washington’s Landing on the banks of the Allegheny River.

Acutronic hosted over 120 people at the open house; families and colleagues from both Pittsburgh and Switzerland came to the event. I came with my daughter, Katie, who had a great time jumping on the “bounce house,” enjoying the ice cream truck’s offerings, and playing Frisbee with the other kids at the party.

I enjoyed meeting with several Acutronic colleagues including Thomas Jung (Acutronic Group owner and president of the board), Sascha Revel, Corinne Stucki and several other team members from Pittsburgh; too many to list here. It was fun reconnecting with ETH Professor Paolo Ermanni (member of Acutronic’s board) whom I met while visiting Zurich last month to plan MEMS Executive Congress Europa to be held in Zurich on March 20, 2012. We discussed our plans for a tour and dinner at ETH’s main campus in the beautiful old city of Zurich.  I also enjoyed meeting Nick Wälli, Acutronic Switzerland’s CEO and COO, Christian Vetterli; who made the trip to Pittsburgh as well.

Thank you, Acutronic, for bringing this international group to Pittsburgh and showcasing your amazing and impressive technology – you truly demonstrated your mission to be the “world leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries.” And thank you for giving out Pittsburgh-inspired Acutronic t-shirts and fantastic goody bags (thank you Jennifer!) filled with arts and crafts for the kids.

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