Karen’s blog from Boston – Analog Devices Site Visit and a Lovely Portuguese Dinner

By Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

Last we met, I told you about the uber-amazing QoL enabled by MEMS symposium I hosted at Microtech and I alluded to the upcoming Analog Devices site visit up in Wilmington, MA. Well, I have toured several cleanrooms in my time and I’ve seen a lot of factories. But let this be a challenge to those who would like to further impress me – because, honey – the folks at Analog Devices have it “goin’ on” in the world of MEMS device manufacturing.

As the guest of Mark Martin, VP and GM for the Micromachine Products Division (or should I clarify that I actually invited myself?), I was invited to tour the ADI fab with Geoff Ward (Director of Operations). As I told Geoff during the 1.5-hour tour – thanks to him I felt wicked smarter. I have to admit that while I have worked in the MEMS industry for a decade, thanks to Geoff’s in-depth tour, it all came together and man, it truly made me appreciate why folks say, “making MEMS is hard.” Thank you, Geoff.

I had a ton of fun talking with Rob O’Reilly and Kieran Harney (product line manager – microphones). Between the two of them they can fill a book about the challenges and joys of manufacturing a top-notch device. I was honored to just sit in the room and listen.  Thank you.

I also was delighted by my conversations with Howard Wisniowksi (PR program manager); catching up with Asif Chowdhury and Bill Murphy; as well as finally meeting Mark’s right-hand, Katie Rouse. I was really touched by the company loyalty and dedication that I saw and experienced when I met employees of ADI. Several folks have been with ADI for decades – and after my day there, I can see why. Thank you so much, ADI.

After the day at ADI, Howard and I hopped in his car and drove to Cambridge for a lovely Portuguese dinner hosted by Roger Grace at Atasca. Eating amongst colleagues who came in to be a part of Roger’s symposium at Microtech the following day on MEMS.  I was delighted to see several colleagues and friends, including Allyson Hartzell, once at ADI and now with Lilliputian. Ally’s written a fab book on MEMS reliability you should check out (and buy!). There were several others there (too many to list) – most of whom were speakers at the workshop on June 16. Roger put together an impressive list of speakers who discussed the challenges and opportunities involved with MEMS integration.

Okay – that’s all for now – my next stop is San Francisco for SEMICON West. Hope to see you there!


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