The SEMICON West Reception Crawl

Originally posted on 3D InCites by Francoise von Trapp

Yes, there were lots of great conference sessions, keynotes, and products and technologies being showcased at SEMICON West 2011 (I have the notebook full of notes to prove it) but everyone knows that the measure of a truly successful SEMICON West lies in the network opportunities and the receptions following all that heady stuff.  I promise to get to all of that because I’ve got lots to say, but it’s the weekend, everyone’s tired and recovering, and I thought it would be more fun to talk about the parties.

SEMICON West is not a one reception-a-night kind of week for me.  It’s more like 2-4 receptions/night over three nights.  Attending all while keeping in mind that there’s still work to be done during the day requires careful strategizing. In fact, there were a few I just couldn’t make. (There were some tough decisions, but sponsors of 3D InCites and R&D partners got first dibs). Overall, based on the extravagance of the events overall this year over last year, it’s clear that this industry’s bottom line seems to be improving.

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