MEMS Devices Swarm Over CES

Use of the tiny electromechanical devices has ballooned with the rise of smartphones and tablets

Introduction by Karen Lightman, managing director, MEMS Industry Group

“I was honored to host the first-ever MEMS conference session at CES on January 11, along with my MEMS TechZone Co-exhibitors (Bosch Sensortec, Akustica, Freescale Semiconductor, VTI Technologies, and WiSpry). The panel was a lot of fun and very well received, with over 100 attendees. But I was over the moon when I saw the headline in James Niccolai’s piece “MEMS Devices Swarm Over CES!” Stay tuned for my blog from 2012 CES, where I’ll share my thoughts on how MEMS is the star this year”

By James Niccolai, IDG News Service

MEMS, or microelectromechanical systems, are all over the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, though you might not know it unless someone told you. They’ve become a vital component in smartphones and tablets and are also used in printers, pico-projectors, digital cameras, microphones and hundreds of other products on the CES show floor.

MEMS are typically computer chips with a microprocessor and a sensor on board, for detecting movement, orientation and other changes in the surrounding environment…


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