Karen’s blog – Why You MUST attend M2M Forum 2012

By Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

You must attend M2M Forum 2012 May 8-9 in Pittsburgh. If you are involved in MEMS in any way as a manufacturer, end-user/OEM, equipment or materials supplier, designer, or integrator – you HAVE to be here for M2M Forum this year when we uncover the HOLY GRAIL of successful MEMS.

We will be sharing success stories and exchanging lessons learned! We will be having honest conversations in a neutral forum about what works, what doesn’t, why and WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT when it comes to taking a MEMS device from lab, to fab to commercialization.

Maybe you saw my video clip on the M2M homepage (and on YouTube). It’s a short simple message of “be there or be square” – but to get a real taste of what we’ll unveil at M2M Forum you should check out the webinars that our working group moderators have hosted as part of our MEMS Education Series.

The one on “Market Pull vs. Technology Push” featured Mike Mignardi of TI and Jim Knutti of Acuity as well as MIG’s consultant, Eric Levy-Meyers. To quote one of the comments from the webinar audience “this is great, you guys should write a book.” Yup, you guys should and guess what: THEY WILL BE DOING THE REAL THING LIVE IN PITTSBURGH ON MAY 8-9.  Mike and Jim will share stories of success and failure – when it was tech push (like the DLP going into the pico projector) and when it was clearly market pull (tire pressure sensors, airbags, microphones). There is GOLD in these hills and you have to come join us in Pittsburgh to mine it.

The other equally amazing working group is focusing on “MEMS Technology Development” and will beta test a set of best practice guidelines for helping you navigate the minefield that is MEMS new product development with a Technology Development Process (TDP) Template. This is going to save you hours and hours of time and gobs of money. Honestly – you want to be with us at M2M so you can be a part of history and check it out.  A preview of the TDP is in their webinar as well.

Beyond this LIFE altering, JOB saving information we will be giving you, you’ll also hear from end-users of MEMS, including a keynote from Len Sheynblat of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. At M2M I gave Len a soapbox upon which to preach his message about the “importance of MEMS standardization.” I told him he could bitch, complain and suggest what the MEMS industry needs to do to continue to grow and be adopted further into more products or perhaps…to become a trillion dollar industry (like our friend Janusz Bryzek is predicting).

You don’t want to miss all that I have mentioned above, and so much more than I have time to describe here.

The one thing that I am probably most proud of is the fact that this M2M is also getting an inside, never-been-done-before tour of Carnegie Mellon University’s Microsystems’ Lab. We’ll have an overview of the research at Carnegie Mellon’s research labs and then during the poster session, we’ll have the opportunity to see the research up close in areas including microfluidics, tip-based nanofabrication, micro/Nanofabrication, MEMS test, SEM, TEM, X-ray, AFM, micro-CT, Electrical characterization, Neural probes, Soft robotics, Multi-scale manufacturing, Micro/nanorobotics, and AlN MEMS. You do not want to miss this (and not just because I am an alumna).

Last but definitely not least, we’ll close the conference with a fun night out at world famous PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Washington Nationals.  The Pirates aren’t guaranteed to win, but you are guaranteed to have a great time.

I hope I have made my case. Book your flight, get that hotel room and REGISTER NOW. I’ll see you soon at M2M Forum May 8-9 in Pittsburgh!


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