MEMS was a Shining Star at Sensors Expo

Several MIG members gave presentations, participated as exhibitors or just walked the show floor at this year’s Sensors Expo in Rosemont, IL on June 6 and 7. According to the press release  published by the show organizer, Sensors Expo & Conference delivered the most comprehensive sensors education program and largest showcase of sensors and sensing technologies. Over 4000 engineers, scientists, and industry professionals attended and over 150 companies exhibited.

Here are just a few highlights of the MIG members in attendance.

Acuity Incorporated – Long time MIG member and one of our newest Governing Council members, Jim Knutti of  MEMS pressure sensor company Acuity Incorporated talks about MIG and the MEMS industry from his booth in the MEMS Innovation area in this YouTube video.

Analog Devices had a big presence at the show. Rob O’Reilly of ADI presented during the MIG pre-conference symposium. At their booth and during the conference session, they showcased their MEMS microphone technology.

Epson also had a large presence at the show. David Gaber spoke about their QMEMS-based inertial sensing products at the MIG pre-conference symposium. They offered QMEMS demos at their booth.

Epson Electronics at Sensors Expo 2012

Fraunhofer ENAS – Professor Gessner gave the keynote presentation at MIG’s pre-conference symposium and Fraunhofer ENAS exhibited on the show floor.

Professor Gessner, Fraunhofer ENAS

Fraunhofer IPMS showcased their MEMS micro-spectrometer in their booth as demonstrated in this YouTube video.

Freescale Semiconductor also had a large presence at the show. They participated on a panel during the MIG pre-conference symposium and in this YouTube video, Lisa Bradley demonstrates some of their newest technologies and talks about their experience as a MIG member.

Harting – One of MIG’s newest members Harting exhibited on the show floor. They demonstrated their connectors for MEMS.
Proud new MIG Member, HARTING

InvenSenseInvenSense highlighted some of their new technologies including a new industrial gyroscope, wearable sensor technology, and NF-Shuttle.

KionixKionix exhibited with their parent company ROHM Co., Ltd. in a large booth on the show floor. John Chong presented at the MIG pre-conference symposium. A video of his presentation will be posted soon, compliments of Kionix.
John Chong, Kionix, Inc.

Endevco MEMS (Meggitt Sensing Systems) Endevco MEMS exhibited at the show as part of the Meggitt Sensing Systems booth. They showcased the latest offerings of MEMS sensors and transducers.

MEMS VisionMEMS Vision exhibited in the MEMS Innovation area. They demoed their miniaturization solutions to the sensors and electronic timing markets, focusing on temperature and humidity sensors and programmable oscillators.

Merit Sensor SystemsMerit exhibited on the show floor by showcasing their high-volume, low- medium- and high-pressure applications, including options for small package OEM and harsh media.
Merit Sensor Systems

MicralyneMicralyne exhibited in the MEMS area on the show floor. Siamak Akhlaghi demonstrates their MEMS foundry capabilities in this YouTube video.

Microgen Systems – Robert Andosca of Microgen Systems gave a presentation on MEMS in energy harvesting in the Sensors Magazine Live Theater. Microgen Systems exhibited in the energy harvesting pavilion.

OAI – Another exhibitor in the MEMS Innovation Area, OAI showcased their advanced precision MEMS equipment capabilities.

Omron Electronic ComponentsOmron exhibited in the MEMS area at the show. Donna Sandfox demonstrates their MEMS capabilities for total room temperature comfort in this YouTube video.

Plures Technologies and Advanced MicroSensors – One of our newest members, Advanced MicroSensors along with Plures Technologies exhibited in the MEMS Innovation Area. David Harris of Advanced MicroSensors, talks about his personal experiences as a long-time MIG member in this YouTube video.

SMART Commercialization Center – Another exhibitor in the MEMS area, new MIG member SMART Commercialization Center member made its debut at Sensors Expo this year. Watch this YouTube video of Director Matt Apanius and learn about their commercialization capabilities.

SoftMEMSSoftMEMS, a software company specializing in MEMS co-design, presented during the conference and exhibited in the MEMS Innovation Area. Check out this YouTube video of Mary Ann Maher discussing her experiences at Sensors Expo.

STMicroelectronics – Another company with a large presence at Sensors Expo was STMicroelectronics. Jay Esfandyari presented at the MIG pre-conference symposium and ST demonstrated their latest MEMS offerings in on the show floor.

Jay Esfandyari, Product Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics

Texas InstrumentsTexas Instruments demonstrated innovations in precision amplifiers and data converters, industrial interface and low-power RF and Zigbee solutions at their booth on the show floor.

Tronics – Long time MIG member, Tronics exhibited their custom MEMS solutions in the MEMS area.

Yole Développement – MIG Partner Yole Développement spoke during the MIG pre-conference symposium and exhibited in the MEMS area on the show floor. Watch Jeff Perkins talk in this YouTube video about how both MIG and Yole are working to move the MEMS industry forward and how he values our partnership.

It was great to see so many old and new friends and colleagues at Sensors Expo and at MIG’s Happy Hour on June 5. I loved seeing first hand the sensor innovation going on right now in the MEMS industry. Check out all of our photos and videos from the conference and expo on our Flickr feed and YouTube channel.

Our next blog post will focus on the pre-conference symposium that MIG organized on June 5. Stay tuned!


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