The Next Revolution in MEMS: a look inside

By Chris Keimel, Editor

Aero Thermal & Mechanical Systems
Niskayuna, NY USA


Originally posted on GE Global Research’s blog: Edison’s Desk

Last week, I shared with you an introduction to MEMS devices and how most of us use these devices every day—without even knowing. This week, GE asked technology enthusiasts in the twitter space to share what they think is the greatest invention of the past century. I was reading through this list as I was writing this blog post, and I couldn’t help but think how a majority of the technologies in this list utilize MEMS! From video games to computers to the telephone, MEMS devices have been a part of some of the greatest technologies in the past 100 years!

Before we share with you next week what we are doing to further revolutionize MEMS devices, we decided to give you a peek inside our cleanroom at GE Global Research and to show you where we developed our metal MEMS technology and make MEMS devices. One of the unique aspects of our MEMS device technology is that we use metals, in place of traditional silicon, to form robust and reliable devices.  We take advantage of the metal’s properties, such as conductivity, to significantly advance device performance and enable new MEMS device capabilities. Check out the video below and feel free to leave any comments or questions. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week when we finally reveal what we have been working on in the MEMS space.


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