MEMS Product List

Here is a non-exhaustive list of products that use MEMS technology. If you have more to add, please share in the comments section!


  • Integrated Guidance Systems’Inertial Navigation System/GPS – Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Crossbow Technology’s NAV, AHRS, VG, and IMU families of inertial systems products – Sensor packages for air, land, and marine navigation applications
  • Northrop Grumman LN-200 Inertial Measurement Unit – Navigational device containing MEMS accelerometers used for a variety of purposes including missile and UAV guidance, and radar stabilization
  • Northrop Grumman LTN-101 FLAGSHIP Inertial Reference Unit – MEMS accelerometers are key to this navigation system, found in new Airbus A380 planes


  • Airbags – Accelerometer used for crash sensing
  • Automatic Headlight Leveling – Accelerometer used for tilt sensor
  • BMW X5 – Sensors collect data on the X5’s driving so the suspension and handling can adjust accordingly
  • Hands-free Communication – Silicon microphone
  • GPS – Gyro sensor
  • Stability Control – Gyro plus accelerometer sensor sense yaw, and compensate for over and under steering on a slick road surface.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems – Pressure, temperature, and accelerometers assure that tires are properly inflated, come standard on all 2008 model year cars sold in the US.
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor – Pressure sensor used for engine control
  • Seat cushion air bladder – Pressure sensor used for inflating and deflating the bladder.
  • Seat belt pre-tensioner system – Pressure sensor used to lock the seat belt during a crash


  • Bodymedia Bodybugg, SenseWear WMS, and SenseWear BMS – Wearable sensors for health monitoring
  • Teltronic ikcal – Biofeedback device for health monitoring and behavior modification
  • Fluxxion filtration systems – Microsieves enable high throughput filtration with very precise  control of particle size distribution
  • Nanomi emulsificators – Emulsion properties are more precisely controlled by small nozzles


  • Apple iPods with hard disc drives – Sensor detects if device is dropped to prevent hard drive damage
  • Select Toshiba, IBM and Apple laptops – Sensor detects if device is dropped to prevent hard drive damage
  • Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010 – Features an Akustica MEMS-microphone
  • Toshiba PocketPC e740
  • Nintendo Wii – Popular gaming console uses MEMS accelerometers in the control device for lifelike gameplay
  • Sony Playstation 3 – MEMS used in controller
  • Cannondale Simon® Mountain Bike Suspension System – Analog Devices accelerometer used to monitor terrain for automatic suspension adjustment
  • Kirby “Tilt-n-Tumble” for Nintendo GameBoy – Accelerometer allows user to play by tilting the device
  • RedOctane Guitar Hero III Controller for Activision’s Guitar Hero Game – A realistic simulated guitar-playing experience; a Freescale accelerometer senses when the guitar neck is vertical for bonus points
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro – Game pad that senses natural body movements
  • Microvision Pico Projector – Optical MEMS single scanning mirror enables projection capabilities for mobile handsets
  • Nyko Nunchuck – Wireless controller for Nintendo Wii
  • Pentax Optio A-30 – MEMS gyroscopes provide image stabilzation
  • Panasonic Digital Still Cameras, e.g. Lumix – Image stabilization
  • Hitachi DZ-BD70A and DZ-BD7HA camcorders – Image stabilization
  • HDTVs and Projectors featuring DLP (Digital Light Projector) technology, sold under various brands – TI’s DLP technology uses micro-mirrors to display high-quality images
  • Acoustic Research ARWH1 Bluetooth Headset – Bluetooth headset using Qualcomm MEMS displays
  • Bug Labs’ BUGbase – A modular gadget-building kit for hobbyists, includes a MEMS accelerometer module
  • Caveo Anti-Theft PC Card – MEMS-based motion sensors keep laptops and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands
  • De Havilland DH-01 & DH-02 Pilot Watches – Watches specially designed for pilots that measure altitude,QFE height, Flight Level, QFE and QNH,  and barometer trend information
  • Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse – Computer mouse that can perform in-air functions
  • Gyration R4000 LCD Music Remote – Universal remote that can change a channel with only simple wrist movements
  • KT Freetel SHOW Monitoring System – Allows homeowners to monitor their property using their cell phones
  • NightNav NV5000 Series Night Vision Imaging System – Marine-based night vision system includes optional 2-axis MEMS image stabilization
  • OceanServer Digital Compasses – Digital compasses featuring MEMS accelerometers for underwater applications
  • Segway PT Scooter – MEMS gyroscopes sense the passenger’s body movements for natural steering


  • Dimatix Materials Printer – MEMS inkjet printer that can be used in solar cell production
  • Energy Harvesters
  • SmartHome Control Systems

Industrial Applications/Environmental Sensing

  • HP Scitex XL2200 Industrial Wide-format Printer – Features HP’s Scitex X2 MEMS printheads for printing billboards and other large signage
  • Nikon High-speed Optical Device for Maskless Exposure Systems – Optical device that draws patterns on wafers in the mass semiconductor production process
  • Polychromix Phazir – Portable near-infrared analysis (NIR) tool uses a MEMS-based optical modulator for chemical identification
  • Sensata 8PP3 Silicon MEMS Strain Gauge pressure sensor – Gauges pressure on hydraulic lines in harsh environment construction and earth mover equipment
  • Sensr GP1 programmable accelerometer and GP2 USB accelerometer rugged motion-sensing instruments – Freescale’s three axis accelerometer enable these sensors used in industrial research, product testing, and shipping applications
  • HP CeNSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth) – global network of low-cost sensors for Earth monitoring and data analysis applications


  • Shunt Valve Regulation – Magnetic switch used to adjust the shunt valve without further surgery
  • Debiotech Insulin Nanopump – Miniaturized insulin delivery system
  • Blood Pressure Monitor (invasive & non-invasive) – Pressure sensor used to sense pulse rate
  • OMRON HEM-637 Blood Pressure Monitor – MEMS accelerometers measure patient’s arm angle for more accurate reading
  • CardioMEMS’ EndoSure® Wireless AAA Pressure Sensor – Monitors pressure on aortic wall to aid in aneurysm repair
  • Inhalers – Pressure sensor used to control drug dispensing
  • Medspray inhalators – Micro nozzle based instrument for creation of small size distribution of droplets
  • Sleep Apnea Mask – Pressure sensor used to measure flow of air (breathing) during sleep
  • Kidney Dialysis Machines – Pressure sensor used for pumps
  • Catheters – Pressure sensor used for pressure and flow measurement
  • Adjustable Hospital Beds – Pressure sensor used in the mattress air bladder
  • Adaptive Rate Pacemaker – Accelerometer used to sense exertion and regulate heart rate accordingly
  • Digestible Camera (“Pill-Cam”) – MEMS Camera module
  • Timed Drug Delivery – MEMS implantable chips
  • Hearing Aid – MEMS microphone and speaker
  • Medimate lithium detectors – Checking lithium content in blood for polar disorder diseases
  • OKO micromirror – Adaptive optics systems for medical and space applications

Mobile Phones & Devices

  • Nokia 3230
  • Samsung SGH E760
  • Vodafone
  • Sony Eriscson W760 – High-end walkman phone with motion sensor that allows user to shake device to change songs
  • Sony Ericsson W910i
  • Nokia N95 smartphone


  • Sun Labs Sun SPOT – Java-programmable wireless devices with integrated MEMS accelerometers

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