MEMS at CES 2010: Pico projectors, low-power displays, hands-free user interface & more

There have been some really exciting announcements for the MEMS community coming out of CES 2010. Here are four that stuck out:

  • Microvision SHOWWXMicrovision is generating a lot of buzz with its SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector. Based on proprietary MEMS single scanning mirror technology, Microvision’s pico projector can turn a mobile device into a platform for projecting high-quality video.  And the best part is that the SHOWWX™ will be commercially available very soon in the US. More info is available on Microvision’s Displayground blog.
  • New accelerometers from STMicroelectronics – MEMS device maker STMicroelectronics is exhibiting its next generation of accelerometers. The new accelerometers’ main advantages include a smaller footprint, lower power consumption, and a host of feature enhancements.
  • Qualcomm’s mirasol® e-reader prototypeQualcomm MEMS Technologies (QMT) is demoing a prototype of an e-reader using its mirasol® display technology. What separates mirasol® from other display technologies is its use of available ambient light instead of standard backlighting. Bonus points to QMT for not only creating a highly-readable color display, but making it use less power too.
  • The hands-free user interfaceZyxio, which calls itself a human media interaction company, is touting its sensawaft™ technology that uses a MEMS sensor to translate human breaths into computer instructions. The company also held a “Be a Mind Blower” competition for people to imagine products incorporating sensawaft™ technology. The winners then get to work with Zyxio to develop their ideas into real products.
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