Market status and outlook for MEMS in drug delivery

Contributed by Jérémie Bouchaud and Richard Dixon, Principal Analyst and Senior Analyst, MEM, iSuppli


In the bio-medical field, drug delivery is one of the areas that attract the most attention for MEMS because of its promise to make drug delivery less invasive, more precise and intelligent, less painful, etc. The fact that STMicroelectronics is partnering with a SME in this area – with the full might of its 8” fab – bears witness to the hope for significant volume shipments in this field.

Commercialization cycles are very long, however, not only because of the clinical tests and certification, but also for less obvious business reasons pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry. In this article iSuppli summarizes the status of commercialisation and the market outlook for the next 4 years.

iSuppli has identified 5 typical families of MEMS devices on the market or in R&D for drug discovery as summarized in Table 1. Continue reading