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Market status and outlook for MEMS in drug delivery

Contributed by Jérémie Bouchaud and Richard Dixon, Principal Analyst and Senior Analyst, MEM, iSuppli


In the bio-medical field, drug delivery is one of the areas that attract the most attention for MEMS because of its promise to make drug delivery less invasive, more precise and intelligent, less painful, etc. The fact that STMicroelectronics is partnering with a SME in this area – with the full might of its 8” fab – bears witness to the hope for significant volume shipments in this field.

Commercialization cycles are very long, however, not only because of the clinical tests and certification, but also for less obvious business reasons pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry. In this article iSuppli summarizes the status of commercialisation and the market outlook for the next 4 years.

iSuppli has identified 5 typical families of MEMS devices on the market or in R&D for drug discovery as summarized in Table 1. Continue reading

Thoughts on the MEMS Technology Session at SEMICON Japan 2009

Contributed by Paul Werbaneth, VP Marketing & Applications, Tegal Corporation

Autumn in Japan:

Temple maples blaze

Ginko’s yellow bokeh shade

Miso turnip steams

If you are going to visit Japan after a long (OK, a year) absence, then you should try to combine your niece’s wedding in Kyoto with a visit to the ancient capital, Nara, brilliant late Fall colors, the Cornell Club of Japan American Holiday Dinner, and SEMICON Japan 2009 all in the same trip. Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Mauro Ferrari & New MEMS Education Series BioMEMS Workshop

You might have noticed that there’s been a lot of news coming from MEMS Industry Group™ lately about BioMEMS.  We’re very excited about this field, its opportunities for the MEMS industry, and the improvements to healthcare it will bring.

In case you missed it, MIG recently sat down with Dr. Mauro Ferrari, Professor and Chairman of the Department of NanoMedicine and Biomedical Engineering (nBME) at the University of Texas Health Science Center (and MEMS Executive Congress™ 2009 keynote speaker), to discuss his work in the field. You can read the entire interview as featured in the most recent MIG newsletter here. Dr. Ferrari mentions some amazing technologies like Personal Molecular Drug-delivery Systems (PMDS) and nanoporous silicon — these are really cool examples of how BioMEMS could dramatically improve health and quality of life for all.

If you’re a MIG member and as enthused about BioMEMS as we are, then you should also know about MIG’s newly announced workshop, MEMS Education Series™: Spotlight on BioMEMS and NanoMedicine (March 18, 2010, Houston, TX). Because our members have asked for it, we are offering this one-day executive education workshop at Dr. Ferrari’s nBME center — for MIG members only — focusing on the opportunities for BioMEMS commercialization.

Why wait? Check out www.memseducationseries.com right now for more details on this special opportunity!

Kionix Sale for $233.0 Million to Rohm in a Booming Consumer Electronics MEMS Inertial Market

Contributed by Laurent Robin, MEMS Analyst, Yole Développement
Until 2009, the MEMS industry was traditionally driven by the automotive area. This was true for pressure sensors for instance, and also for inertial sensors: MEMS accelerometers for airbags became the first high-volume application for MEMS inertial sensors. But whereas the market for motion sensors is now mature for many automotive applications, more and more consumer electronic devices integrate MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Often considered as more mature than the gyroscope industry, the accelerometer industry has seen a significant announcement in October: the fast-growing MEMS accelerometer manufacturer Kionix (USA) was acquired by the Japanese company Rohm (J). Continue reading

Nokia Beats Apple to Compass-in-Phone

Contributed by St.J. Dixon-Warren, Manager, Process Analysis, Chipworks Inc.

In a good example of Apple’s superior media hype, when the latest 3GS iPhone was launched in June, some note was made of the addition of an electronic compass to improve the accuracy of the GPS map applications. The mobile phone media appears to have completely missed commenting on the fact that the Nokia N97 smart phone also features an electronic compass, and was released some six months before the iPhone 3GS. According to iSuppli’s web teardown the iPhone contains an AKM AK8973 compass chip. Continue reading