Is MEMS Design Holding Back MEMS Growth?

Via EDA company Cadence’s community blog: Bringing MEMS Design To The Mainstream.

The article states that some factors are needed for a greater use of MEMS as a component in systems–standard MEMS design flows, integration between MEMS and EDA software tools, standard MEMS foundry processes. Interesting stuff. What do you think, MEMSbloggers? Would this spark a “tiny revolution” in MEMS adoption?

Read the full blog post and share your thoughts.

BSAC Spring IAB Meeting Trip Report: It’s the System, Stupid

Contributed by Karen Lightman, Managing Director, MEMS Industry Group

It was my honor and pleasure to be a guest at Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center’s (BSAC) Spring IAB meeting March 10-12, 2010. Every year in March and September, BSAC’s industrial members, faculty, and BSAC researchers meet at the UC Berkeley campus for the three day IAB Meeting. Each day of the meeting presents different opportunities to learn about and discuss BSAC research. (View my Powerpoint slides on the MIG website.) Continue reading

IMAPS Device Packaging 2010 Wrap-up

Contributed by Paul Werbaneth, Vice President, Marketing & Applications, Tegal Corporation

Wrap-up, Thursday 11 March 2010

Strolling in Old Town Scottsdale last night after an excellent dinner at Bandera (go early – seems to fill-up quickly after the ballgames let out) I pass the Italian Grotto, a Frank Sinatra-friendly kind of place with good recorded jazz spilling out onto the sidewalk.

So, with apologies to Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, to Paul Anka, to the French songwriting team who originally composed “Comme d’Habitude,” and with a nod to The King, here’s my IMAPS Device Packaging 2010 version of “My Way.”  Sing along if you know the tune! Continue reading

IMAPS Device Packaging 2010, Day 2

Contributed by Paul Werbaneth, Vice President, Marketing & Applications, Tegal Corporation

Day 2, Tuesday 09 March 2010

Cactus league games cancelled by baseball-sized hail

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ — Spring cactus league games were cancelled in the Valley of the Sun today due to baseball-sized hail.  Indoor activities, including IMAPS Device Packaging 2010, were unaffected. Continue reading