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March Madness at MEMS Industry Group

Don’t miss out on these events: MEMS Testing Standards Workshop, M2M Forum, MIG’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, and MIG’s website “virtual launch party.”

By Monica Takacs, Director of Programs and Marketing, MEMS Industry Group

This year commemorates MIG’s 10th anniversary. We are very proud of our growth from five member companies back in 2001, to over 100 member companies today. It’s a true testament to the support of our members that has enabled us to pursue our mission to grow MEMS across global markets. MIG is hosting two conferences in March; MEMS Testing Standards Workshop and M2M Member-to-Member Forum, the annual members meeting of MEMS Industry Group.  In addition, we launched our new web site and will host a virtual launch party to show off the new features and enhancements. Next month’s events will be an outstanding opportunity to learn, contribute, and network with your peers.

Life with MEMS testing standards. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 16 is the MEMS Testing Standards Workshop. We’re holding this event in partnership and support from NIST to identify and document device level qualification and testing needs. The results of this workshop will go into a MIG/NIST Workshop Report that will help build the case for funding MEMS testing and MEMS in general.  Attendees will be able to contribute their ideas to the report.

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MEMS News Updates

ACUTRONIC Inertial Sensor Test Laboratory Now Available for Customer Use

The ACUTRONIC inertial sensor test laboratory is available for customer use.

Pittsburgh, PA. February 2011

The inertial Test Solutions (iTS) laboratory in the new premises of ACUTRONIC USA in Pittsburgh is officially open for business.

Cost and time-to-market are decisive for the success of a newly launched product containing inertial sensors. Accelerometers and gyroscopes still require physical stimuli and testing remains a main cost driver of the final product. ACUTRONIC provides an interesting business model to manufacturers and integrators of motion sensors.

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